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McMinos is a video game for mobile devices running either Android or iOS. We created its ancestor in the early 1990ies for Atari ST computers. So you may rightfully call it a retro game. We have now re-created it with the hope that you will find joy and recreation playing it.

Unfortunately, the initial excitement of the public was a little underwhelming (yes, probably our marketing was underwhelming too). As we want to keep McMinos inspite of this alive and also want to open it up for academic and research projects, we are open sourcing it. We will keep paied versions around to fund potential further development of the game. If we get enough money, we will also still offer compiled versions of the iOS versions. The sources of McMinos are hosted on https://github.com/ulno/mcminos

Get McMinos

To donate, buy either from Google Play or Apple's iTunes App Store:

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At first McMinos may look a lot like its archetype (Pacman and Sokoban), that classic video and arcade game with a circular protagonist whose task it is to eat all pellets in a maze. And indeed, some levels are just like that. But McMinos is more: inspired by many classics we have added many extras and features to make our levels fun, some rich in action, some brain teasers to puzzle you quite a while.

Try it out for free

If you want the free version of McMinos, feel free to download it from Google Play or from Apple's iTunes App Store:

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Again, we hope to entertain you well with McMinos and look forward to your opinions, requests, and ideas.

Have fun.

The McMinos Team

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